The Fabrication team at UTRA is dedicated to designing items for 3D printing, a technology that transforms digital models into physical objects. Additionally, the team offers 3D printing services for the entire UTRA team and the general UofT student population. The inclusion of 3D printed parts in the UTRA robot designs has enabled UTRA to accelerate the pace of our robot design and development strategy.

Our Printers

Flashforge Creator Pro
Flashforge Finder

Previously known as the 3D Printing team at UTRA, Fabrication is now dedicated to providing manufacturing support, such as 3D printing and laser cutting to all subteams. To continue the UTRA theme of introducing new members to robotics, the Fabrication team plans to teach the other subteams and interested individuals how to efficiently create CAD models for engineering projects, properly operate a 3D printer, and proper design for other manufacturing methods available on campus. Currently, the team uses a Flashforge Finder and a Flashforge Creator Pro, both printing primarily in PLA.

Some of the print work for other sub teams includes:

Our Prints!