KICKOFF | Friday, September 24th | 6PM - 7PM (EST)

The Robonars subteam serves to provide robotics related lecture series and workshops throughout the academic year. The content covered includes mechanical, hardware, and software aspects. All workshops are drop-in based.



Robonars is a subteam of UTRA re-established in 2019. The goal of the team is to provide the fundamental and essential technical knowledge required for one to turn ideas into reality. The lecture series range from introductory topics like introduction to Python programming language to more advanced topics such as ROS in software, Solidworks in CAD, etc. Students also can attend arduino-based workshops with the option in purchasing the hardware.

Speakers range from leads of other subteams in UTRA, including current upper year students and alumni. Other career related workshops, including industry mixes, are also offered throughout the year. All lectures are open to all students at the University of Toronto.