Autonomous Rover Team

13:00 - 15:00 | Saturday | MyHal Centre

The Autonomous Rover Team (ART) designs and builds the components for several robots. Components are designed to be modular and chassis-independent. Therefore we will build a chassis specific to a competition, install or pre-built components to make it autonomous, then tweak the code to competition-specific details. Our rover is capable of autonomously navigating around an obstacle course using LIDAR and a stereo camera as inputs. Sounds simple, right? Now we just need you to make those ‘pre-built’ components!

THE ART ROBOT (aka Da Boss)


8-Spring Hydraulic Shocks

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Laser Range Finder (LRF)

Manual & Wireless Emergency stops

The ART team

Mechanical Sub-team

Every rover needs a base. The mechanical sub-team strives to provide the strong foundation for everything else. From 3D-modeling and designing to hands on metal working and frame building, we do everything! If you are a robot enthusiast and you would like to help out, then this team is where you want to be.

Electrical Sub-team

ART is a great place to learn how to build some simple circuits and gain some hands-on experience in wiring, soldering, etc. We need circuits that range from PCBs for our microelectronics, to high voltage (48V-DC), high current (100A) circuits. Learn and build protection circuitry, motor controllers, filters, and much more!

Embedded Sub-team

We're the middleware between the software and the actual robot. We write the code that operates the motor and microcontrollers. We use the ROS platform to communicate between these systems, and work mostly with C/C++. Learn the fundamentals of control theory, PID controllers, and dynamical systems!

CV and SLAM Sub-team

This sub-team forms the eyes of the rover. We use OpenCV techniques and Machine Learning for lane detection and identifying obstacles. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) works on creating a map of the world around the rover using the LIDAR mounted on it. This map combined with the information obtained from CV is used to plan a path for the rover.

Competitions List