Kickoff | 18:00 - 19:00 | Wednesday | Sept 18 | MP 103

Interested in the robotics? Not sure where to start off? Well, the Sumo team might just be the team for you!! Working on Sumo bots allowed our members to gain hands-on experience and exposed them to the electrical, mechanical and software aspects of engineering design. Students make their own teams of 3 and are provided with a circuit design, sensors, electrical components and example code.


Ultrasonic Range Sensor

Aluminum Metal Chassis

Dual DC Motors

The Competition

The goal is to build an autonomous 10cm x 10cm robot with IR range finders to locate the opponent and light sensors to detect the edge of the ring. Two mini - sumo robots are placed in a black circular ring with a white border; the two robots try to push one another out of the ring, the last robot in the ring wins. Students use the circuit design to etch and solder their own circuit boards; they design the chassis in 3D CAD, then cut and bend the chassis from sheet metal; they write the software in C directly on the microcontroller.

UTRA hosts an autonomous mini-sumo competition at the end of the year, where the teams compete for bragging rights amongst their peers. We organize tutorial sessions which cover most of the necessary know-how, practical and theoretical concepts required in the three areas involved:




The competition will be open only to undergraduate students of University of Toronto. In addition, a student may not compete in this competition more than once. This is to encourage students to move on to UTRA’s bigger teams. We are letting you choose your own groups and highly recommend that you get into groups of three where each person is in charge of one aspect of the sumo-robot. We recommend teams of 3, but will allow teams of 1 to 5. If your team consists of 6 or more, you will be required to divide into 2 groups.


Design Constraints

Match Rules

Past Competitions