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The UTRA RoboSoccer team designs and builds humanoid robots in order to compete in the RoboCup Humanoid competition where robots play soccer against each other. The goal of this competition is to develop a team of humanoid robots that are able to win against the official human World Soccer Champion team by the year 2050. Our team is one of many across the globe working towards this comman goal.


Logitech C920 Webcam

Jetson Tx2 "Brain"

Fully 3D Printed

18 degrees of freedom

MX28T & AX12A Dynamixel Servo Motors

The RoboSoccer team

Initial efforts to create this new branch within UTRA began summer 2016. However, it was not until summer 2017 that we were well-defined and the creation of our robots from scratch began. Following some recruitment around that time, our team had a small number of members split across three subsystems: mechanical, electrical and software. Later that summer, the embedded subsystem (microcontroller software), emerged out of the electrical subsystem, and the control subsystem was formed to focus on bipedal locomotion. By the end of 2017, our team grew to more than 20 members, all engineering undergraduates at the University of Toronto. Around that time, we were highly focused on achieving the basic requirements to qualify for the 2018 RoboCup competition in Montreal that upcoming summer. Some of each of our subteam's achievements and activities are summarized below:

Electrical Team

Embedded Team

Controls Team

Software Team

Mechanical Team

More information about the UTRA RoboSoccer team can be found here

Robot Feats

Doing a backflip

Getting up (forwards)

RoboCup 2018 Qualification video

RoboCup 2019 Qualification video

2018 Montreal Robocup